Frankly, I really love travelling. Travelling is my life. At the time graduation from high school, I had never experienced solo travel as well as international travel. But I still imagined that one day I would have a chance to work and save money to spend for travel to anywhere I wanna go.

After having been working in private company for 2 years and a half, I finally made a decision to travel to visit Vietnam in May 2013 by Srey Rath Tour, local tour. It costed only 230$ for 6 days 5 nights trip. It was reasonable, wasn’t it? I continuously started counting the forthcoming day. I didn’t prepare much as it was solo trip joining with other in the same group. Just thinking, it already excited me.

May 11th, 2013: Clock was alarming my sleep. I got up very rush in order to prepare myself and took a meter taxi to gather in front of Srey Rath Tour office.

Along national road No1 from Phnom Penh, every moment started to excite me. Around 3h and a half, I finally reached Bavet International Checkpoint for immigration check to Vietnam.

Casino close to Bavet International Checkpoint
Bavet International Checkpoint, Svay Rieng, Cambodia
Bavet International Checkpoint, Svay Rieng, Cambodia

After passing through Bavet International Checkpoint, I was finally on Vietnam land where the checkpoint was next to Bavet International Checkpoint.

Vietnam Checkpoint

After immigration check, I resumed to travel to Saigon city known as Ho Chi Minh city. On the way there, I could notice that the infrastructures in this country is better than Cambodia’s as well as crop and rice plantation. Being in the bus for almost several hours, I sometimes slept and got up to see development in this country. Honestly, during my time in the bus or car, I mostly feel sleepy and asleep. They are hypnotics to me .

On the way to Saigon City
Province Town


After around 3 hours drive, our bus finally reached Saigon City where we could see many scooters were being driven along the way. I could say it might be third city of many scooter drivers in the Asia after China and Taiwan. It is probably because of safety and convenience. We started to check in and have first lunch there.

Reception Flower in hotel where we were staying
It was a big room for 2 paxs. There was a sofa set with 2 beds 🙂

After having lunch, we started to explore Saigon city. First interesting place that I visited was Dam Sen amusement park.

Dam Sen Amusement Park

There are variety of activities and games that we can enjoy such as 4D screening, Ice house, water park, garden..etc. Actually, we didn’t need to pay for entrance fee but we need to pay for game fee.

Dam Sen decoration entrance

Without hesitation, I experienced ice-house. I needed to wear thick jacket to protect with very cold temperature for keeping ice frozen.

It was extremely cold in the ice-house



Big Wheel

After walking around in Dam Sen Amusement Park, I stopped by to have dinner on the dragon boat. Food was so yummilicious that still made me miss the food over there.

We had a dinner on the dragon boat.

The view also amazed me at night. Moreover, there was a wedding reception party held over there as well. The bride and groom were so beautiful and handsome with their wedding clothes and make up.

View at Night in Dam Sen Amusement Park

After one day being tired on travelling on bus and enjoying first place and dinner, we were heading back to hotel and had a very tight sleep. Good Night.

That’s all for my first day in Saigon. Day 2 is coming soon.