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April 2018

Day 1 @ GuiLin City 桂林, Guang Xi Province 广西, China中国

Gui Lin to Yangshuo 

After having breakfast at my hotel, I was transferred to cruise wharf. We purchased the ticket and wait for our departure. It is fully packed by Chinese and Korean tourist. I could see very less westerners. The ticket costs 300 RMB (around 45USD).




We stepped into center for security check and found our departure gate. Along the way to the cuise, there are alots of tent stalls selling souvenirs and fruit. You can bring foods and drink on the cruise. 



There are a lots of queuing boat for the cruising trip. Our boat is fully occupied and introduced by our guide speaking in Chinese and English,



GuiLin City 桂林, Guang Xi Province 广西, China中国

Being heard by many travelers, I was thriving to visit magnificent Gui Lin located in Guang Xi province, China.

Travelling from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I was stunned since this was my first visit while transiting in Bangkok and Nanning all the way from here. But it is worth to experiencing the view of GuiLin after my arrival.

Departure from Phnom Penh International Airport to Suvarnabhumi airport via Bangkok Airways
Arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport
Transit in NanNing

After 8 hour traveling, I arrived GuiLin safe and sound. The view from airplane window awed me so much. GuiLin is truly stunning. At 7:00PM, I landed via China Southern airlines.

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I transferred to our hotel – GuiLin Li Jiang Water hotel located next to famous Riyue Shuangta Cultural park.


Delightful Premium Restaurants at Vattanac Capital Tower in Phnom Penh

Dear readers,

Since opening, I am excited to express my great experience having a fine dinning at major restaurants at Vattanac Capital Tower, currently tallest tower in Phnom Penh.


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Located on the top floor of Vattanac Capital (37th floor) offering indoor and outdoor seats to enjoy the view at night of charming Phnom Penh. Should try their own signature cocktails starting from 7$.
Note: Dress-code Concern: No flip-flop & Short pant) 


Iza offers fine cuisine such as fresh sashimi, choices of Ramen, grill….

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This superior French restaurant provides good spot of seating where you can enjoy the view at day & night time of Phnom Penh. Their fine foods also awed me with good presentation and excellent service. I dropped by for lunch set starting from 18 USD (2 choices of dishes ) and 21 USD (3 choices of dishes) including coffee or tea. I highly recommend to chill with friends so you can have more choices and share together. Please go through above link to see my posted photos of cuisine.

Panoramic view of restaurant


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Photos of cuisines


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